Week 87: Statistics

Friday, 30 August 2019

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The war is over for me now – Private Chris Taylor – Platoon

I’m now finished at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019. 

Here’s are some statistics, and the odd memory or two I have from the experience.

• Number of days in Edinburgh x 26
• Number of great days in Edinburgh x 26
• Days performed x 24
• Shows per day X 3
• Shows performed in X 71
• Approximate audience members x 3782 
• Comedians who performed at compilation show X 92 
• Number of four star reviews for compilation show X 1
• Days off X 1
• Fringe flu time off [it’s like Man Flu, affects both genders and is real] X 0.5
• Deaths on stage X 9
• Excellent performances x 7 
• OK performances x 71 minus 16

Funniest thing said to me when I spoke to them backstage;
Me: The audience clearly don’t like me.
Comedian: No, they do not!

Funniest line I heard;
Two comedians were walking down the street. Both were having bad days. A Fire Engine raced past with sirens blaring.

Comedian 1: Some lucky sod is burning to death.
Comedian 2: I wish I was them.

Funniest thing I saw;
A Street performer named Mephistopheles who played the accordion while singing Madonna’s like a virgin. I laughed like I did when I was 5 years old. 

Feedback on my solo show;
“It’s got a lot of heart”

Other feedback on my solo show;
Audience Member: I saw your Skydive show yesterday!
Me: Did you enjoy it?
Audience Member: I Loved it, my other half didn’t. In fact………….

Even more feedback on my solo show;
Comedian: Your show must have been rubbish today as you finished 15 minutes early.
Me: Yep.

And finally;
One person said it was the best show they’d ever seen, which is a lovely thing to say. The following day I had the worst gig, then repeated that 2 days on the trot. 

I had a great time and was shown love, compassion and kindness by so many people it really was overwhelming. It felt as if everyone wanted to help me and that is very humbling.

I love the festival and the people I meet while doing it and will return with a smile next year.

Picture: Walking home after a lovely gig I spied my solo show flyer in the gutter all on its own. That’s the Edinburgh Fringe!