Week 79: My Guilty Pleasure

Friday, 5 July 2019

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Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings – EuripidesA guilty pleasure is something that we’re slightly embarrassed by, yet gives us ultimate enjoyment. We don’t broadcast them to our friends or loved ones, it’s not Facebook post worthy. Some of the pleasure is derived from doing it alone. To some of us it’s almost illicit.

For others, it’s a shame on their intellect, like admitting they still watch Neighbours and haven’t missed an episode since 1985. The interested may be keen on knowing it’s now on Channel 5 every day. For some of us it’s an indulgence in a thing that their friends would mock them for, like hanging out with Tottenham Supporters [Never Met one I didn’t like]

I’ve looked at my guilty pleasures and realised I don’t have any. I’m not ashamed of a single one of them, in fact I’m proud of mine, I wear them like a badge of honour. 

This is me.  

I’m an occasional nose-picking, Shirley Basseyloving, BMW Driving, West Ham fan. 

I believe if it gives us pleasure, and no one is hurt feelings wise or physically and it’s done from the privacy of your own home, then why not do it, where’s the guilt and shame?  

I have a love for expensive German cars, I’m not embarrassed by this, it’s a fact. I’ve never broke down in Bournemouth with four friends and had to pay a mechanic two weeks wages for repairs because I needed to get home one day like I did with my crappy Ford Escort.  

I’ve worked in the Finance industry for over 20 years, it supported my suits habit, my alcohol and shoe dependency. Why should I be embarrassed by that?  

I take my Mrs to see Jason Statham movies at the cinema – oh OK, I’m starting to get it now.

Picture : My current comedy offering thats going to the Edinburgh Fringe