Week 103: Ohhh Check Me!

Friday, 20 December 2019

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is how arrogant I am, I don’t believe I have much of an ego until I’m brutally reminded that I do.

How many job interviews have you had? I’ve 8. Is that a low number? 
Weirdly though I’ve more than 20+ jobs under my belt most of which I got through knowing a person. I’ve always found it useful to know people.

This time of year a few years ago while I was between jobs and as I sat there contemplating life an old manager and friend of mine phoned which meant he wanted something. I like him a lot, I still do, so I listened to his pitch and it was and still is to this day the best I’ve ever heard.

He said he had the perfect job for me and just me. I enquired as to the job description. It’s made for you came the reply. This guy had sales in his blood and knows how to tease you enough to be interested and mine was piqued.

The delivery was perfect. His client wants a person like Mat Wills. I laughed. What nonsense was this. He’d gone too far with the sales patter. Had he been on the Peroni?

The client wanted a person like a little fella they once had in their office named Mat Wills.

It was as if all his Christmases had come at once as he knew me and knew I was sitting at home in my pants doing nothing. After a few minutes of being assured it wasn’t a wind up and just for the craic I thought I may as well give it a go so agreed to meet him.  

I was a job description. My ego could barely contain itself. I was beyond flattered. On the way to the meet I worked out how much money this would bag me and what I would spend it on.

I nailed that job interview. We shared a few jokes talked about old times. They didn’t just like me they loved me and thought it lucky I was available. It was as if both parties had attended the perfect date. I went home on an ego high. My smile touched both ears. I was a job description! 

The next day they didn’t phone. I’d like to say I played it cool but I didn’t. I’d phone myself from the landline to make sure my mobile was working then I’d check my voicemail to see if I was left a message while I was testing my line. This loop is tough to break.

Day three I received the call. I didn’t get the job. I asked for the rejection to be repeated as it sounded like I didn’t get a job. A Job for Mat Wills. 

This was confirmed. I could not be me. I reminded them 
that I was the job description. They apologised and said the gave it to another person. Could they be more Mat Wills than me? How is that even possible? 

Time has now passed and I’m recovered from the weirdness of not getting a job that was made for me, but I’m still chuffed that I was a job description. One day I’d like to meet that person who was more me than me. I bet they are great. Oh Look my Egos does exist!

Have a brilliant Christmas and new year. I’ll be back in the new year.


Photo: Dear Santa, I would like a festive Stormtrooper please.